Harnessing the power of recognition: tips for making it work

Done in the right way, recognition can be immensely powerful tool Recognition touches many elements of the employee experience. It’s a huge part of wellbeing strategy: it steers communications, it’s the third arm of rewards and benefits and can be the foundation on which to anchor an entire company culture. So being able to harness […]

Why financial protection tops the list of benefits priorities for 2023

How the cost-of-living crisis is changing employee expectations of employers Employees faced significant stress in 2022 – rising inflation, a global energy crisis, international instability and long healthcare waiting lists are just some of the circumstances affecting employee health and wealth. If financial wellbeing was under strain for employees a few years ago, it most […]

How to create a digital benefits platform that will engage staff

Key questions to ask your prospective employee benefits platform provider Our expectations have adapted to technology. We have all become natives in a digitally savvy workforce. Yet employee benefits schemes are failing to live up to their strategic objectives because of the retro technology they are being served up on. Every day, organisations shackle their […]

How to engage employees with their retirement planning

Pensions remain widely overlooked by employees. However, thanks to the work of financial wellbeing and education, employees do now appreciate the importance of pension schemes. Nonetheless, our employer’s guide to the psychology of workplace savings report found that a quarter of employees over the age of 50 still don’t understand their pensions – and this […]

“It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach”- Making global benefits flexible, personalised and relevant

At our recent roundtable, benefits and HR leaders explored the challenges of rolling out a benefits programme to different regions – and discussed strategies for ensuring benefits are flexible and relevant, even where local benefits options are limited. Organisations in attendance included Lendlease, Link Group, MUFG Investor Services, Maples Group, Sony, Hiscox, Cohort, Computacenter, and […]

A brief guide to total reward statements

Eight in ten employees underestimate the value of their total reward by up to 30%. As this statistic shows, there’s a gap between what employers are doing for their employees and employee perceptions of the rewards and support they receive. This perception gap can damage the way employees think about their employer and can impact […]

UK Spring Budget 2023: Pension update

Earlier today, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt delivered his Spring Budget. In the run up to the budget the expectation was that there would be a focus on measures to support the Government’s economic plan to halve inflation, grow the economy and reduce public debt.   Rumours were also swirling of upcoming changes to […]

How to support women of all ages to avoid or close the pensions gap

Despite a lot of column inches and media attention, the gender pensions gap is now as high as 50% in some parts of the UK – more than twice the gap between average earnings, according to Profile Pensions. While auto-enrolment significantly changed most employees’ pensions savings, the data tells us that women are less likely to be in […]

How to create an impactful global benefits brand

With so many things competing for employees’ attention, it’s never been more important that employer communications are easy to understand, engaging, and effective. Get it right, and your employees will feel a real sense of belonging, even if they are in a small satellite office thousands of miles away from headquarters. Get it wrong, and you could risk disengaging pockets […]

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