Boost your business case and improve ROI with actionable global insights

Understand the impact benefits are having on your organisation with real-time analysis of your benefits spend, budgeting, engagement and take-up.

Start proving the value of your benefits programme

Benchmark your benefits offering with confidence based on market data

Access real-time benefit costs, take-up and engagement; no surveys, just instant actionable insight.

Get away from spreadsheets, and back to the high-impact decisions that keep you ahead of the market.

Real-time benefit-spend data, across the globe; no more spreadsheet nightmares

Understand costs – one market to multiple markets – in an instant and choose the data that helps you answer your question from the largest benefit-cost dataset.

Reduce your annual benefits budget planning to minutes

Tap into the largest benefit cost data set to test future plans, or real-time cost changes, and see the impact.

Visualise and forecast future spend

How much will your benefit spend increase if you raise salaries? Or if you open a new regional office? Now, you can easily find out. Use predictive analytics to calculate how much benefits spend changes based on potential factors such as increased salaries or headcount – and benchmark your organisation versus the market.

Explore real-time take-up and activity in every market

Find out if your benefits really work for your people, demystify employee activity, and understand each unique user-journey. Respond to trends and take action to create better employee experiences.

Meet your global benefits dashboard

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“It’s amazing to have currencies and the ability to cut by date or country there...”

Jo Mercer, Global Benefits Manager

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