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Embedding a culture of wellbeing: How a "Big Four" Global Accountancy Firm saw success with OneHub Wellbeing

One of the “Big Four” global accountancy firms rolled out OneHub Wellbeing to almost 2,000 of its UK and Irish employees. It was implemented at their offices across Ireland and Northern Ireland, covering Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Galway, and Limerick. Our wellbeing app helps you overcome barriers to wellbeing engagement with targeted and relevant wellbeing resources.


“OneHub Wellbeing offers the chance for our people to feel supported wherever they are. The app provides meditations, sleep exercises, breathing exercises and support for everyday wellbeing on the go.”


Embed wellbeing within overall talent experience


Build wellbeing into people processes to support a positive culture


Encourage people to achieve a positive work-life balance


Support the organisation’s values and foster inclusion


The strategy

The strategy

“Wellbeing is a key pillar within our overall talent experience and wellbeing strategy. We actively promote and build a culture of wellbeing; this is achieved by a systemic approach where wellbeing is built into all our people processes. Wellbeing has been embedded into the company culture through policies, resources, initiatives, and activities that encourage people to focus on their work-life balance while also delivering for their clients.”

“We aim to empower our people to make choices that support their wellbeing by creating a culture that allows people to be their true selves. Wellbeing is core to who we are. We aim to prioritise the mental health and psychological safety of our people, by facilitating open dialogue about mental health, taking steps to minimise work related stress and burnout, as well as providing effective wellbeing supports.” 



“Overall, the statistics have shown a big uptake in the usage of OneHub Wellbeing. This can only benefit our people as they actively engage in their own physical and mental wellbeing through the offerings on the app.”

The stats:

  • Engagement increased by over 1,000% over the past 12 months
  • 500% increase in new users over the past 12 months
  • Almost 1,500 wellbeing plans completed since launching OneHub Wellbeing

Customer Stories

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