Spotlight on Spain: A guide to implementing employee benefits technology

It’s crucial to find a benefits and technology provider who understands the local nuances of each country you operate in, without neglecting the importance of delivering a unified employee experience across all your territories. At Benefex, we pride ourselves on our global expertise and local knowledge, so it doesn’t matter whether you have one employee […]

Global employee benefits: the simple-to-complex scale

If you’ve made the decision to roll your benefits scheme out globally, it’s time to consider the options available to you regarding your locations, headcount and, of course, budget! But seeing as you have a global workforce already, you know that benefits technology isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. So, you might need what we call a […]

Spotlight on the Netherlands: A guide to implementing employee benefits technology

To successfully implement – and maintain – an exceptional employee benefits experience, you first need to partner with a benefits and technology provider who not only has a state-of-the-art platform, but also understands the local markets in which you operate. The ideal partner will pride themselves on global expertise combined with local knowledge, so it […]

How to build a recognition strategy for a hybrid workforce in 4 steps

As employees largely to continue to work in a hybrid way, many organisations face a dilemma – how to translate their in-person recognition and reward strategy for a hybrid or employee base. Whether you entered the pandemic with a recognition strategy or not, the last three years have forced organisations to re-evaluate what recognition means […]

Wellbeing support is topping the employee wish list – and benefits can deliver it 

In the last few years, organisations across all industries have placed a huge emphasis on protecting and promoting employee wellbeing. The current cost of living crisis has further intensified the focus on enhancing all aspects of wellbeing – financial, emotional and physical.  Our 2023 Evolution research finds that the vast majority (89%) of HR and […]

Can behavioural science help us to improve employee wellbeing?

My fascination with why people do and don’t do things is what began my career in psychology. As I moved into workplace wellbeing, I became engrossed by the idea that, from a young age, we are taught to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, drink eight glasses of water, exercise for fifteen […]

Spotlight on Bulgaria – A guide to implementing employee benefits technology 

Famed for the Balkan Mountains and its Black Sea coastline, Bulgaria is rapidly becoming one of our most requested locations for implementing employee benefits technology, and this trend is likely to continue.   A highly skilled, multilingual workforce makes Bulgaria a hub for tech and online services. And in the war for talent, it’s the companies […]

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