The Evolution Reports

The Employee Edit and The Employer Edit

A lot has changed since we conducted our last employee research study in 2022.  

Although we’ve thankfully moved on from the worst of the pandemic, the levels of anxiety people are feeling in their everyday lives has only increased – from rising energy prices to soaring living costs, and political and social unrest, there’s a lot impacting employee wellbeing. Employees are placing greater emphasis on what they want from work, and looking for organisations that align with their own personal values and purpose. 

In response, HR and Reward professionals are using the employee experience to power the employer brand, and our research shows that they are constantly evolving their strategies to keep pace with ever-changing employee expectations.  


of employees say their employee experience is more important to them now than a year ago.  


of employees believe that benefits directly impact their wellbeing.  


of employers pinpoint wellbeing as being very important in providing a great employee experience

Our latest research explores:​


Findings from over 2,000 online interviews with employees and 100 interviews with HR and Reward professionals around the world


The areas of the employee experience that employees value most – and where Reward leaders are focusing their efforts


Why there’s currently an unprecedented opportunity for the Reward function to deliver and demonstrate genuine business impact

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