Actionable insights for better recognition programmes

Understand every recognition and reward action, and show the successful collaboration networks and social graphs across your organisation.

Get beyond clicks and likes, with true understanding

Prove the impact

Go beyond clicks and likes to measure the emotional impact of Reward and Recognition on your people and use heatmaps to track successful collaboration networks across your organisation.

Give your managers superpowers to understand and amplify every interaction

OneHub | Recognition manager insights gets managers onboard and shows how the collaborative efforts of their team are making a difference.

A deeper level of insight

Managers and senior leaders can track employee engagement, collaboration, and sentiment to make data-driven decisions.

Useful, practical and applicable recognition and reward insights


“As a business, we wanted to make sure that people can receive that instant gratification to maximise the recognition’s impact. The OneHub platform was essential in this because it meant that everyone could log in, there and then, from their laptop or phone, and say an instant thank you. It’s so simple.”

Ema Urlic, HRSC & Reward Manager

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