Increase reach, impact and engagement

Recognition and reward via iOS, Android and web apps.

iOS, Android and desktop

Mobile and app-based recognition and reward

Whether at a desk or deskless the OneHub | Recognition iOS and Android apps get more of your people on the platform.

Perfect for all your hybrid, office-based, mobile and remote employees

Everyone has the opportunity to share recognition and reward regardless of their location, or how they work.

Mobile reach increases impact

Use mobile to maximise the engagement in recognition and get more of the positive benefits as a result.

Include everyone in your culture of recognition


“As a business, we wanted to make sure that people can receive that instant gratification to maximise the recognition’s impact. The OneHub platform was essential in this because it meant that everyone could log in, there and then, from their laptop or phone, and say an instant thank you. It’s so simple.”

Jo Mercer, Global Benefits Manager

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