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What do employees expect from your recognition programme now?

Exploring the role of recognition in employee experience and addressing the demands of a modern workforce in a changing world

Our collective view of what makes a great employee experience has changed

The world of work has altered immeasurably; an organisation’s culture has never been more important. With this new perspective comes new expectations and employees are now looking to their employer to create an environment that acknowledges and addresses these needs and demands.

While wellbeing, benefits and rewards are rightly taking centre stage, organisations are lagging when it comes to providing a strong, connected and relevant recognition programme. What is more, in many organisations, the leadership teams are failing to recognise employees and it’s damaging the employee experience. This report explores the reality of employee expectations in the current climate, and what HR leaders can do to address the emerging recognition gap.

Collated from interviews with over 4000 employees from organisations in India, Singapore, the UK, and the U.S, this report explores the extent to which attitudes and expectations around employee recognition have evolved since the pandemic and, critically, what employees are now looking for from their employers when it comes to recognition.




The report uncovers


Why recognition is so important to engagement and retention


How HR leaders can shape their recognition offerings to include all demographics


The importance of technology in unifying the employee experience across multiple benefits platforms


Less self-actualising, more measuring


Less self-actualising, more measuring


Less self-actualising, more measuring

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