Connect, shape, and deliver your employee experiences in one place

OneHub connects all of your employee benefits, wellbeing, reward, and recognition so your people have one home for everything at work.

Trusted by ambitious companies, globally.

Elevate employee benefits

Get your benefits out of the limitations of the annual selection period and into an everyday resource of personalised choices and content.

Take wellbeing to the next level

One platform to connect your wellbeing experiences across content, communications, policies and benefits.

Supercharge your company culture

Create a home for culture and shine a light on the incredible things happening across your organisation.

Help salaries stretch further

Give your employees the financial support they really need by increasing the value they get from their post-payroll spending.

“The thing about [Benefex] is that it’s all in one place, so it really enables my experience as an employee.”

Arti Kashyap-Aynsley, Global Head, Health & Wellbeing


How Salesforce launched global benefits technology in 30+ countries.


Learn how EDF brought their priorities and the employee journey together into one place with OneHub.

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Trusted by ambitious companies, globally.
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