About Ocado Group

Ocado Group is a global technology and retail company that is changing the way the world shops.

They’re on a mission to give customers the best shopping experience, the world over, based on their individual needs and by employing ever-evolving technologies.

“It's been great working with Benefex. Abbie's been fantastic; she's really made it feel like a joined-up approach from the beginning.”

Jerome Lopez, Head of People Experience

The results

US colleagues engaged


Of the target population!


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Recognitions given



The challenge

“We wanted to reward the many, not the few and wanted a way to recognize all the small things that make the big things happen. Historically, we’ve had big awards ceremonies, but these were too exclusive and only recognised a handful of our people. Our people went to extraordinary lengths during the pandemic. We needed a way to say thank you to all the people who’ve worked tirelessly to feed the nation.”


The Solution

“A recognition platform offered a way for all employees and managers to recognize each other or whole teams. It allowed employees to choose a reward to suit them. And it allowed us to recognize all of the achievements and key employee milestones.”


A genuine partnership

“One of our Ocado values is ‘we’re in it together’. It was important to us from the start that it wasn’t an ‘us and them’ experience; it really was an extension of the team. We wanted someone who would truly listen; we didn’t want to just buy a product off the shelf.”

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