The Salesforce APAC success story

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“We saw a great reduction in the number of cases being raised as our employees were empowered to help themselves.”

Tatiana Beidar, Head of Compensation and Benefits.


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The Salesforce APAC success story


“When looking at any new technology or initiative or process, the key thing I always consider is our employees’ experience. We saw that mobility around the APAC region was common, but the experience of these employees differed from country to country. Our people had sometimes found it difficult to learn about their benefits or even access vendors when moving to another territory, so we wanted – as far as possible – to standardise our benefits solution across the APAC region.

In the years that I’ve been working in total reward, I’ve definitely seen a transformation in what employees expect from their tech. It used to be that benefits could be surfaced on a simple intranet site; now it needs to be mobile, and the look and feel is essential. The more people have become used to seamless tech, the more important it’s been to make sure we reduce the barriers or number of clicks it takes to access information. We needed a solution that was polished and focused on user experience.”

Tatiana Beidar

Head of Compensation and Benefits, Salesforce

“Working with Benefex we could quickly begin to imagine how we wanted to build the experience for employees.”


“Overall, our launch in Australia, Singapore, and Thailand was hugely successful. I think that, because we always brought everything back to the employee experience and the user’s journey with the technology, our new system was always going to be a hit. Rolling out a global benefits platform in many territories is complex without a doubt, but when it’s an intuitive system that’s designed for both employees and admins, you can’t really miss!”

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