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What is it like to work with Benefex? Nobody says it better than our customers. See what we’ve helped them achieve.

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We believe that employee experiences can be a catalyst for change

Our technology and services play a crucial role in millions of lives, providing employee benefits, and enhancing the colleague experience. But we believe the impact can go further. At Benefex, it’s our responsibility to make a positive difference to our colleagues, customers, and the communities we operate in, across three key areas of influence:

Wellbeing | Diversity | Community 


Empowering people and increasing wellbeing for all

As a global provider of employee experiences, our software, services and solutions touch millions of people. Here’s how we’re using this interaction as an opportunity to deliver on our goal of wellbeing for all.

  • Total reward statements, which empower millions of people to understand their pay and benefits better.
  • Increasing the availability of digital resources, tools, and education to promote awareness about all aspects of wellbeing: from physical to mental, from financial to emotional.
  • Providing the information and support needed to help employee proactively manage life’s challenges and protect against key risks.
  • Collaborating across our industry to build knowledge, confidence, and thought leadership for better financial wellbeing.

Bringing our wellbeing ambitions to life and expanding our reach

We support mental, physical, financial, and social wellbeing, helping employees to increase their resilience. We offer a leading clinician-designed wellbeing solution managed by a team of psychologists, promoting emotional health.

OneHub delivers lifestyle savings to make pay go further, plus employee benefits that protect against key risks, encourage healthy habits, and save money. Actionable insights help our customers to build data-driven health and wellbeing strategies.


Championing diversity of thought and experiences

We’re committed to helping organisations improve diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), so all employees feel seen, respected, and motivated at work. Through our customers, we serve 2.2 million people globally. Through the Zellis Group of which we’re a part, we’re empowering employers to better understand their workforce make-up thanks to data insights, so they can set, track, and achieve ambitious DEI goals. Our flexible benefits allow employees to choose and adapt their package according to their individual needs and circumstances.


Strengthening the communities that we're part of

The communities in which we live, work, and interact with one another are the foundations on which our impact grows. Here’s what we’re doing to protect and strengthen our environment, workspaces, and communities:

  • Making charitable giving easy via integrated payroll giving solutions and partnerships.
  • Cutting our carbon footprint with better ways of working, reducing waste, and sustainable procurement.
  • Encouraging more sustainable behaviours through employee benefits, including tree planting, greener travel, and more eco-friendly energy choices.
  • Empowering customers to provide high-quality employment and workplace experiences for their employees.

Real Living Wage Employer

We believe in providing high quality employment experiences, which includes paying our colleagues fairly for their work. That’s why we’re proud to pay all colleagues across all our operations in line with, and above, the local living wage rate. In the UK we are a certified Real Living Wage Employer, having paid in line with this rate since 2019. This includes our UK based contractors. We will continue to include living wage analysis in our salary review process each year.

How we’re supporting the community

Planting one million trees with the help of Benefex customers and their employees

Our Trees with Benefits initiative enables employers to plant a tree every time an employee makes a new benefit selection on the OneHub platform.

Over the next three years we aim to have planted one million trees in a dedicated reforestation site in Nepal. This is just one of many places where we can make more impact and deliver on our responsibility to fight climate change together.

Bringing an award-winning benefits and wellbeing programme to EDF employees through Benefex

Group 3450

Together, Benefex and EDF created an award-winning employee benefits programme that supports the EDF mission to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. Over 72% of EDF employees logged into OneHub last year, and 3000 people set up financial wellness accounts. They’ve already succeeded in helping 400 of their employees switch their petrol cars to electric vehicles and that’s all just the beginning.

Impact will enable us to...

Make pay and benefits easier to understand

Promote wellbeing through digital resources and employee benefits

Build knowledge and confidence for better financial wellbeing

Empower organisations to be representative and equitable through data

Advance inclusion and celebrate differences

Champion pay equity and personalised benefits

Protect our environment for future generations

Nurture high quality employment and workplace experiences

Make charitable giving easy

Our long-term commitment to Net Zero

We are committed to tackling climate change and reducing our carbon emissions. By 2027 we will be operationally net carbon zero, and by 2040 we will be net zero across all scopes, in line with a 1.5°C pathway to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

We are working to ensure our targets and plans to achieve them are externally validated by the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi).

Getting ahead of nationwide objectives and becoming Net Carbon Zero by 2027

Rapid transformation is taking place across our whole business; from optimising facilities and energy usage, to improving recycling systems, better waste management and promoting electric cars. For Financial Year 2023 (May 2022 – April 2023) our group wide carbon emissions were:

Total Scope 1                     

234.8 tCO2e

Total Scope 2

198.3 tCO2e

Total Scope 3

7,772.5 tCO2e

Trusted by ambitious companies, globally.