The EDF success story

A household name in the UK, EDF is the country’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity, currently providing one fifth of the UK’s electricity and serving over 5.5 million customers.

With 12,000 UK employees across 25 sites including power stations and customer contact centres, they have a broad and diverse employee population to cater to when it comes to their employee benefits. EDF is passionate about sustainability; they’re on a mission to help Britain achieve net zero – and they’re starting with employee benefits.

“Finding a benefits technology provider who takes the time to understand your strategy and company culture is essential.”

Vanessa Corsie, Pensions Operations Manager


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The challenge

“Our main goal when coming to Benefex was to align the benefits strategy to our corporate strategy, which is helping Britain achieve net zero. We also have a big focus on financial wellbeing, so we looked at bringing our priorities and the employee journey together into one place.”

Helping Britain achieve net zero

“Our electric vehicle launch was really important to our corporate strategy of helping Britain achieve net zero. We talk a lot to our customers about how they can reduce their carbon emissions, and we wanted to extend that to our employees.

We launched a salary sacrifice electric vehicle scheme and, already, 470 employees have ordered electric cars, which has been unprecedented for the supplier and a fantastic result – that’s 470 petrol cars off the road, because EDF employees have chosen to go electric.

As well as the environmental positives, it’s really helped our people to understand the savings they can make through our salary sacrifice car scheme versus a private lease, and the uptake was incredible! It also worked very smoothly with our ‘generation electric’ company campaign.

As an energy organisation, we’re working to build an ‘electric future’, so it’s helped bring employees on board in that journey as well. Plus, as an added bonus, EDF has made a huge employer NI saving, too.”


The result

“To see the hard work of Benefex and the team pay off like this is just extraordinary. It’s incredible to see the platform and benefits working alongside our corporate strategy like this and making a real difference, both to our employees and the planet.

It’s crucial to pick the right benefits provider. Get people who really understand what your strategy is and what your company is like, and who take the time to spend with them to make sure they really get the culture of your organization. Working with Benefex has been fantastic.”

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