Boost your strategy and improve ROI with real-time actionable global insights


All your spend and engagement data in one dashboard, with real-time data for instant insights. Benchmark against peer companies, streamline budget planning, and answer any data questions in seconds.

Start proving the value of your benefits programme

Benchmark your benefits offering with confidence based on market data

Leverage market data to benchmark your offering, gain insights, and stay competitive in a dynamic market.

Boost your strategy by comparing populations and demographics internally

Look for opportunities to improve ROI by understanding how your different benefits packages, spending, and engagement compares across internal demographics and populations.

Reduce the annual benefits-budget planning cycle to minutes

Tap into our vast benefit cost data set for global cost understanding. No more formulas or spreadsheet nightmares. Use predictive analytics to test future plans and calculate the impact of factors like salary or headcount changes.

Answer any benefits questions in an instant

Access real-time benefit costs, take-up and engagement; no surveys, just instant actionable insight. Get away from spreadsheets, and back to the high-impact decisions that keep you ahead of the market.

Unleash the power of Benefits Insights from OneHub

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