5 benefits that support financial wellbeing: insights from our cost-of-living event 

To help employers support their people as they face off to high costs-of-living this year, our Chief Innovation Officer, Gethin Nadin, has run a cost-of-living series spanning events, webinars, and content. We recently hosted our final cost-of-living event for 2023, where we were joined by benefit leaders and financial wellbeing industry experts.  The theme: How […]

What are the most innovative benefits being offered by employers today?  

Many forward-thinking business and HR leaders are implementing more innovative benefits to better align benefits to the needs and values of their people. At a time when so many people are re-evaluating what they want from their working lives, those that feel their employer isn’t doing enough to support them or that they’re not well […]

Spotlight on Australia – the global benefits tech success story 

The next stop on our global benefits tour is Australia. Australia’s strong trade and investment relationships with the world’s fastest growing economies means they’re a natural gateway for international business, and technology is now the third largest sector contributing to Australian GDP. A dynamic, diverse and very competitive talent market means that organisations are starting […]

How OneHub Home amplifies employee benefits and drives engagement 

The relationship between employees and employers around the world has evolved significantly over the last few years. And the reward and benefits function has become increasingly strategic, driven by employee expectations for more support both inside and outside the workplace.   However, there is a jarring disconnect between employee expectations, and the reality of the technology […]

Why your workplace wellbeing solution needs to incorporate positive psychology 

All too often workplace wellbeing has sought to resolve an issue that a person is already experiencing. For example, when thinking of mental or emotional wellbeing, employers often reactively respond to employees that are in crisis or need immediate support. However, in doing so, employers fail to account for colleagues who are not in crisis, […]

The power of personalisation in employee benefit programmes 

Employees around the world are struggling with a complex set of issues that affect their lives and their work, but employee benefits are offering real, tangible life support to help employees build better and brighter futures.  To have a real impact on employees, the technology used to deliver benefits matters. Employees expect a lot from […]

5 top takeaways from UNLEASH WORLD Paris 

This week, over four thousand HR professionals converged on the Paris Convention Centre for two days of networking, insights and an exhibition of HR technology. There was a full schedule of sessions covering a wide range of people-related topics – with speakers including Josh Bersin, our very own Michael Tigwell, and senior executives from big […]

Spotlight on India – A guide to rolling out global benefits technology  

Hidden complexities in a region with low-flex benefits  Similar to some European countries like France, Switzerland and Australia, India is a location with limited benefit options, low flexibility, and a reliance on state mandated benefits. So, you might expect an Indian benefits platform to be at the Simple end of our Simple-to-Complex benefits scale; most […]

A tech-powered evolution for wellbeing benefits and resources 

In the evolving landscape of the modern workplace, employee wellbeing has become a priority for organisations worldwide. However, as employers provide more wellbeing resources to their people, a problem emerges – namely, the technology used to deliver it. Many employees say the workplace technology that they use to access wellbeing resources could be improved; a […]

How data is the key to creating more effective employee benefits

Only 11% of benefits professionals feel they make good use of data to inform their benefits provision. What’s the answer? When it comes to use of data, 89% of reward and benefits professionals admit they could do better. Only 11% say their use of data and insight in supporting benefits provision is ‘excellent’. And 76% […]

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