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At the Benefex Forum 2023, we heard from Benefexers, customers and thought leaders on how to take the reward function from chaos to calm and provide a more attractive deal for employees.  

We looked at the big changes in the reward and benefits market and what they mean for the relationship between global employers and employees, and discussed strategies to help you simplify your processes, cut through the noise, and drive employee engagement. 

Watch all sessions on demand here.  

Welcome to the Forum

Michael Tigwell, Chief Operating Officer, Benefex

Our host for the Benefex Forum, Michael Tigwell, introduces the event - with a little help from ChatGPT...

Keynote: From Chaos to calm

Matt Macri-Waller, Founder & CEO, Benefex

There are a whole host of factors putting pressure on employees today, from high inflation ot the cost-of-living crisis, large scale redundancy, and social instability. Matt shared key findings from Benefex’s brand new Evolution research report, explored why employee expectations are changing at pace, and highlighted the need for reward directors need to build processes that enable them to evolve much faster.

One place for culture, benefits and wellbeing

Georgia Rule, Head of Total Reward at the AA with Gethin Nadin, Chief Innovation Officer, Benefex

Explore the most pressing challenges reward directors are facing, why employee expectations at work are changing, and how to build a better value proposition. Georgia shared how the AA overcame challenges with their dispersed workforce and built a stronger culture by supporting employees across all areas of the employee experience.

The ever-evolving role of reward

Andrea Kilgour, People Director at EE with Gethin Nadin, Chief Innovation Officer, Benefex

ESG, DEI, education and wellbeing are all moving up the agenda as organisations strive to create experiences that give their people purpose at work. Andrea shared what EE has been doing differently to level up the employee experience – from allowing people to take bank holidays on days that suit them, to catering for neurodiverse employees, and beyond.

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