All the tools you need to manage a global benefits platform

Administrators can manage global benefits on OneHub with ease and the help of automation. Say goodbye to duplicate efforts and disconnected tools.

Put your time towards strategy, not benefits administration

Keep the burden off your administrators, even when your workforce grows

From one user-friendly page in OneHub, administrators can do everything they need to keep global benefits processes streamlined and automated. Access analytics, manage spending accounts and benefits-related content, search for employees, edit benefits on their behalf, access analytics, export reports, and more.

Stay in control of your benefits scheme while delivering consistent experiences to every employee

OneHub’s administrative capabilities and automations paired with our team support allow you to control user permissions, decide which administrative tasks to offload, and ensure employees get all the benefits they’ve signed up for.

Why do benefits with Benefex?


“What we’ve found since implementing OneHub internationally is that the number of employees who reach out to us and ask for information or find things unclear has significantly decreased, which is really fantastic.”

Tatiana Beidar, Compensation and Benefits Manager

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