Get the messages that matter to your employees, wherever they are in the world

Easy-to-understand, eye-catching, and engaging benefits communications have never been more important

Create a consistent global benefits brand

Salesforce wanted to give people a consistent, on-brand experience, wherever they were in the world…

Garner excitement, celebrate your benefits, and get employees engaged

An expert communications team behind you

Budweiser were looking for their brand to feel like a ‘friendly arm around the shoulder’ and support their employees to take ownership of their choices…

Take your global employee communications to the next level

Exciting and impactful email campaigns

Abcam wanted to effectively promote their enhanced employee-experience and cement their reputation as one of the best places in the world to work…

Deploy one-to-one benefits messages, effortlessly

An intuitive emailer tool
for personalised communications to your entire workforce

Boots used Benefex’s Communications Manager to deliver their message and purpose to ‘help people across the world lead healthier and happier lives’…

What you can expect from your Benefex communications strategy


“We believe that a huge part of the success of our scheme is also down to the communications and the branding of the platform, which really is aligned to the Dojo brand family and aligns with our culture.”

Scott Baker, Director of Total Reward

Trusted by ambitious companies, globally.
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