Give your workforce freedom and flexibility in their benefits spending

Reimbursement accounts gives employees as much flexibility as you want them to have when it comes to benefits, so they can choose the things that matter most.

Make it easier for your employees to get what they need, when they need it

Available on mobile and desktop, so employees can seamlessly claim their benefits from anywhere

Reimbursement accounts are available on desktop or mobile devices, providing a seamless experience for your workforce. Employees can snap a quick photo of their receipts and upload them, quickly and easily, from anywhere.

Offer a broad spectrum of benefit fund categories and align to your reward strategy

Reimbursement accounts let you align your benefits programme with your overall reward strategy by setting categories for employees to claim back spend – even tailored to countries and regions. 

Save time with easy claim processing and self-service approvals

Self-service administration gives you control of approving, amending and declining claims.

Deliver the choice and flexibility employees expect


"It's been great for us because it really is a one-stop shop. We send everybody to OneHub, it's got all our policies, details of benefits and it really is like a shopping experience. You choose what you want, add it to your bag and check out.”

Leandra Eccles, Payroll Director

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