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What is it like to work with Benefex? Nobody says it better than our customers. See what we’ve helped them achieve.

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Show employees the bigger picture of their total reward

Fully-tailored total reward statements (TRS) are a fantastic way to show employees exactly how much you’re investing in them; and what they get as a result. All in real-time and all in one place.

Real-time total reward statements

Your rewards, your rules

We’ll handle any complexity you throw at us in terms of benefit entitlements, unique rewards and differing allowances. And we’ll take the data in a format that suits you with no limits on data fields or volume.

Clarity, from the outset

We’ll help you make the total reward message clear – from recruitment, onboarding, and through the whole employee lifecycle – and presented within your own employer branding.

Flexible functionality

Real-time views, regular data updates and roll-back functionality gives you the features you need to support your reward goals with TRS.

A single view of how much they’re valued

“Monthly Total Reward Statements keep employees updated and enhance their understanding of their benefits.”

Emma Tanton-Brown, Reward Executive

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On demand webinar | The future of benefits in Ireland – what should you be doing now and next
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