Spotlight on Germany – A guide to implementing employee benefits technology

The next stop on our global benefits tour is Germany. This is another country that’s popular with Benefex customers who are rolling out global benefits programmes. State provision is comprehensive, so German benefits tend to be limited in range and number, with core benefits such as pension, health Insurance and life/accident cover all state-mandated. Employers […]

A short guide to OpRA rules for Group Income Protection

What is Group Income Protection?  Group Income Protection is a popular, long established, insurance-based employee benefit designed to pay a proportion of an employee’s income if they’re unable to work long term due to illness or injury. The benefit remains popular as many of the insurance policies now come with free added value services which, […]

How a pat on the back can reinforce workplace culture and drive motivation

Employees have clear ideas about what they want and expect from employers when it comes to recognition. Recent Benefex research reveals that 89% of employees believe it’s important for employers to encourage recognition at work and 88% say that it’s important for them to be able to recognise colleagues for their efforts and successes. It’s […]

Make the most of group risk and insurance add-ons to help inflation-hit employees

Employees are going through the worst time financially since the global crisis of 2008. First it was Covid-19 and the toll the pandemic took on their physical, mental and financial wellbeing. Now it’s the cost of living crisis and the strain of stretching their pay packet as far as possible. A combination of factors from […]

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