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Great Expectations Global Employee Research Report

An unmissable manifesto on the need for reward leaders to evolve to meet current and future employee needs.

Employees are increasingly looking to their organisations to help them; asking more of their employers than ever before.

They’re expecting employers to offer assistance in areas of their lives that would have been thought ‘out-of-scope’ of the employee benefits package previously.

The defining employee experience research report for 2022, Great Expectations is the resulting insight from more than 4,000 employee interviews around the world. From employees’ attitudes to work (and to their employers) and the extent to which people’s priorities, ambitions, and (crucially) expectations around work have changed.


said that ‘being supported wherever I work’ is the #1 factor in improving employee experience


of employees say that wellbeing is important to them when choosing a new employer

Drawing on 4,027 interviews with employees across four continents, it covers:


Great expectations, driven by a new generation


Global employee experience in the spotlight


Expectations for more flexible and relevant benefits


Less self-actualising, more measuring


Less self-actualising, more measuring


Less self-actualising, more measuring

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