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The Evolution Report: Employee Edit

A year on from our last major global research study and the world of work already looks very different. New workplace dynamics such as ‘The Great Resignation’ and ‘Quiet Quitting’ have appeared and, some would argue, quickly disappeared. Talent shortages have become even more pronounced. And all of this against a backdrop of huge social, political and economic turbulence, and a cost-of-living crisis which is impacting a growing proportion of workers. 

The expectations of employees are forever evolving. Welcome to the first half or our Evolution Report 2023. Part one examines employee priorities, motivations and frustrations, and what they think of their experiences at work. 


of employees report that their expectations around benefits provision have risen over the last 12 months


of employees report that their employee experience is excellent, compared with 32% last year


of employees say that a commitment to employee wellbeing is very important when choosing an employer

Informed by more than 2,000 interviews with employees across 4 continents, our first Evolution report looks at:


How are employee priorities evolving against a backdrop of uncertainty?


What are the most important features of an excellent employee experience?


What makes employees want to join your organisation, or leave it?

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