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The 5 employee data concerns that are hindering your DE&I efforts

Defining the key principles for DE&I data collection and discovering employee-driven solutions to improve DE&I insights

Everyone knows that promoting diversity in your workforce is, very simply, the right thing to do. Moreover, employees are putting a greater emphasis on workplace culture and values and rightly demanding change when it comes to DE&I and the fair treatment of all employees.

The 5 employee data concerns that are hindering your DE&I efforts; and how to overcome them breaks down the factors that discourage employees from disclosing personal data. We examine the elements that could help inform and shape organisations’ future DE&I policies and provide actionable solutions which can be implemented today to help businesses build a more transparent and trusting culture where employees feel safe to share.

Based on interviews with over 1000 employees in the UK and Ireland from across multiple industries, we reveal that there has never been a better time for organisations to drive progress on DE&I. Making effective use of the data available will help people professionals develop targeted policies and programmes that resonate with all employees.


of employees identifying as LGBTQ+ have concerns regarding the impact of disclosure on their “job safety and career advancement”


of employees lack clarity about how their data will be used


respondents want to see visible evidence of dedication to creating a fairer and more inclusive organisation

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The importance the role of data in making effective DE&I interventions


The actions employees want to see employers take to boost inclusion in the workplace


How to shape an effective DE&I policy by asking the right questions


How to create the conditions for a culture where trust and transparency are at the heart


Less self-actualising, more measuring


Less self-actualising, more measuring

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