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Understanding the latest DEI data to create a more inclusive benefits package

Actionable steps benefits leaders can take to support diversity, equality and inclusion with more flexible, personalised benefits.

Recent Zellis research, exploring how organisations are closing the gap between talk and action when it comes to diversity and inclusion, is the foundation for our latest report. The research highlighted that organisations have come a long way over recent years but there is now a growing sense of urgency around diversity and inclusion.

From a reward and employee benefits perspective, how can you make sure that all your employees are able to get the support they need to lead healthy and happy lives? From retirement planning and financial education to life-stage healthcare and relevant benefits, benefits leaders have a responsibility to ensure benefit designs support the diversity and inclusion goals of the wider organisation.


of organisations do not have a menopause policy in place.


Ethnic minority pensioners are on average 24% worse off than white pensioners.


of employees state that employers are talking about DEI more than they are taking action.

A major challenge for employers can be working out where they are going to focus their efforts to ensure they are meeting the needs of all employees. Supported by case studies and contributions from industry experts, our latest report explores:


How benefits leaders can assess their benefits through an accessibility and flexibility lens 


Considerations to ensure your benefits are open to all and reflect the diversity of your employees


Seven top benefits to introduce in an inclusive, flexible, and personalised benefits scheme


Less self-actualising, more measuring


Less self-actualising, more measuring


Less self-actualising, more measuring

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