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How could OneHub | Home support my organisational culture?

09 May 2023

Organisational culture is becoming increasingly important as employees, who may have struggled through the coronavirus pandemic and are now dealing with the cost-of-living crisis, prioritise working for employers who are compassionate, caring and concerned about their wellbeing. 

Part of that is being recognised for their work, especially when they’ve gone above and beyond so often over the past two years. Benefex has offered recognition products for a long time and customers’ usage of interaction with them on OneHub Home has been interesting to see. 

Customers have been using our technology to bring all the different aspects of culture – behaviour and values, for example – to life, but what they really want is to be able to communicate what it means to work them – what their culture really means – and bring that to life. At the moment, a lot of their cultural information is fragmented – some of it might be buried on the intranet; some of it might be delivered during the induction process; some of it might be communicated during recruitment, and so on – but there’s no specific place where it can all be brought together and brought to life for prospective and existing employees. 

So having a place like Home to be able to explain their values is very exciting for our customers. It gives them a great opportunity to have positioning and messaging from leaders across the organisation about what their culture means in one easily accessible place. They can talk about some of the things that make their culture unique, aside from the usual vales and behaviours: where they stand on the really gritty, topical issues such as diversity and the environment that we’re all wrestling with right now.

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