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Taking the world view: Great employee expectations around the globe


Regardless of geography, how we work has shifted since the pandemic. Two years on, as the dust settles, people’s priorities have changed, and employers are having to play catch-up as they adapt to the new ambitions and expectations around work. 

In fact, based on comprehensive research across 4,027 employees in four major markets (India, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States), our latest report disseminates attitudes to work (and to employers) in 2022, revealing that there isn’t a single aspect of people management or employee experience that doesn’t need to change or transform. 

Seismic global shifts 

The report highlighted some stark differences between geographies when it comes to attitudes to employee experience. In the US and India, employees are more positive about their organisations, with 44% and 41% respectively describing the employee experience as excellent. In contrast, Singapore and the UK have less to smile about with only 19% and 25% respectively saying they have a good employee experience. 

Breaking it down country by country 

When it comes to technology, some regions are faring better than others too. While all employees are demanding more in terms of the technology and the systems they use at work, the quality of the digital experiences that people are encountering differs enormously. Employees in the US and India, for example, are more enthusiastic about the tech they use and the level of flexibility they have at work than their counterparts in Singapore and the UK. 

Support and wellbeing 

The majority of employees recognise the massive efforts that many employers have made to help them through the pandemic and meet their changing needs. Globally, 38% of people feel that their employer looked after them very well during the peak of the health crisis, and 43% feel that their employer did quite well. What’s more, this hasn’t changed two years on, indicating that employers are consistent in their efforts even as life returns to some form of normality. 

The Eastern experience 

In almost every area, expectations amongst employees in India and Singapore have risen more sharply than amongst their counterparts in the UK and US. Whether it is flexible working, better technology to do their job, benefits packages or wellbeing support, workers in Singapore (79%) and India (84%) are more likely to be expecting more of their employers. Other global findings include: 

  • 53% of employees in India cite their benefits package as important, compared to just 26% of UK workers 
  • 36% of US respondents say their employer needs to align with their personal values compared to 54% of Indian employees
  • Across the board, flexible working options topped the list as of critical importance for global employees 

We can see how important flexibility is for employees wherever they are located, which is no surprise in the new hybrid working world. Now the focus is shifting, and employees are telling their employers that there are new priorities and providing relevant benefits that align with their own personal needs and wants is topping the list. However, currently, only 31% of employees feel that their employer’s benefits provision aligns with what is important to them. Things are going to need to change if employers want to remain agile and respond to their changing demands. 

If employers can shape new approaches to benefits and wellbeing, reward and recognition, and communication and technology, they will be able to stay relevant and compete in an ever more dynamic and competitive labour market.


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