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​Benefex launches OneHub Wellbeing 


Benefex launches OneHub Wellbeing to help employees adapt to life 

Benefex has yesterday launched OneHub Wellbeing to help employees develop the skills to better understand and take ownership of their own wellbeing, adapt to adversity, and improve their resilience – through a new workplace wellbeing category of brief, low intensity interventions. 

It’s clear that wellbeing is playing an increasingly crucial role in attracting, retaining and engaging the best people. New research carried out by Benefex (surveying 2,000+ employees and employers in the UK, EMEA, APAC and the US, revealed that a strong commitment to employee wellbeing is the number one factor employees consider when choosing a new employer.  86% of employees would leave a company that didn’t support their wellbeing.  

However, only 27% of global employees rate their online employee wellbeing experiences as excellent. Online workplace wellbeing has a problem – employees say it’s hard to find, difficult to use, and doesn’t encourage repeated use.   

Benefex created OneHub Wellbeing to make it easy for employees to make incremental improvements to their wellbeing, embed behaviour change, and track progress with a personal wellbeing score. Employees can access OneHub Wellbeing whenever and wherever they like – with 24/7 mobile access.  

“Employees want access to single solutions that are quick and easy to use, with very low time commitment. They also want assistance that focusses on work, not just life outside of it. The overwhelming and contradictory wellbeing information available to employees and the increasingly complex landscape requires a better approach,” commented Gethin Nadin, Benefex Chief Innovation Officer and UK Mental Health Campaigner of the Year 2023. 

OneHub Wellbeing empowers employees to proactively manage their wellbeing by:  

  • Getting them to be more active engage more in regular movement, with a library of 200+ on demand classes 
  • Delivering personalised health information and education based on their needs – with more than 350+ pathways designed by clinical psychologists
  • Helping them make the best changes and monitor their wellbeing over time 
  • Integrating emotional and physical wellbeing support 
  • Encouraging more moments of quiet reflection – with breathing exercises, soundscapes, sleep stories, reflective journaling, and guided meditations

Helping employers improve performance and better understand their people 

In our global research, 85% of employers of HR and Reward professionals said their organisation could be using technology and data more effectively to understand their people. OneHub Wellbeing gives employers a rich data set that aggregates employee data to help organisations analyse and create more effective wellbeing strategies.  

As well as supporting employees, OneHub Wellbeing delivers a compelling return on investment for employers, that shows how they can improve employee performance. The platform has also been developed to buffer employees against and aid recovery from micro-stressors at work (the World Economic Forum has warned of the cumulative impact of micro-stresses).  

As Gethin Nadin highlights: “Getting employee wellbeing right is critical to sustaining your operations. Productivity and performance isn’t about getting our people to do more, it’s about supporting them to be smarter in the ways they work. As it’s not always possible to remove the stressor, we have to support people to deal with this type of stress. We know that brief, low intensity interventions are the most effective and most likely to help employees form positive habits – this is the foundation OneHub Wellbeing.” 

The efficacy of OneHub Wellbeing has already been demonstrated in a study published in the International Journal of Positive Psychology.  

Niko Rowe

Niko Rowe

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