The iPSL success story

Improving employee engagement and embedding a culture of praise is difficult at any time, but in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s a huge undertaking! Luckily, iPSL had already launched Hi5 – their version of our OneHub | Recognition platform.

Find out how Hi5 helped them to reassure and reconnect their people in a newly remote working environment. It’s helped their teams to bond in difficult times, and it’s encouraged their people to always focus on the positives of their day – something that we could all benefit from!

''We wanted to make sure that people can receive that instant gratification to maximise the recognition’s impact. The OneHub platform was essential in this because it meant that everyone could log in, there and then, from their laptop or phone, and say an instant thank you. It’s so simple.”

Ema Urlic, HRSC & Reward Manager, iPSL

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